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Sis's page
cara January 1, 2011
merry christmas and happy birthday
Tiny January 9, 2010
Elvis's 75th Birthhday
image Sis--we would be calling each other -telling each other what channel the Elvis movies were on
Tiny December 27, 2009
Merry Christmas from Sis
Tiny October 13, 2009
Grave site
Tiny December 30, 2008
Christie's kids
Tiny December 27, 2008
Tiny November 19, 2008
For Caitlyn,Cody,Bella,Jake,Chase,Brady
Grandma Guards Us


Love was sent from heaven

Upon the wings of an Angel.

Planted like seeds in a garden

In hearts of special people.

Grandma gathered us together,

And taught us to care.

To prove love lives forever,

Enough for all to share.

Grandma knew what was best,

And worked hard everyday.

She barely even stopped to rest

Trying to avoid delay.

Grandma’s spirit was so strong

She wanted to pass it on.

Grandma gave us a place to belong,

And even though those days are gone,

We’re blessed with the spirit

She gave us with her love.

And now we must not forget

She guards us from above.


Tiny November 19, 2008
Sis & Bill-with cousins
Tiny November 3, 2008
Sis's Holy Card
Tiny November 3, 2008
Sis's Holy Card

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