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cara cara June 5, 2014
Hi mom just wanted to say Hi and miss u not a day goes by i dont think of you
Tiny for Daddy and Sis February 13, 2013
cara 4/14/2011
Sis-Daddy is buried near you. Just where he wanted to be. Mummie will be next to him someday.This has been the hardest thing I've ever been through in my life. There's not a day goes by that I don't think about you. Now it will be you and Daddy that I'll think about everyday.I know with you already there waiting for him he'll be ok.Its us here who are not. There were many times that you could of had him taken from us and you didn't -Thank You for those extras days that we had with him.I placed a flower from Dady's funeral on your grave. Its a broken heart-just like how our hearts are now.Please watch over him-he always needed a nurse by his side.Love You.
cody (DOLLY BOY)

The last memorie i had with u was after the spartan bowl with jimmie,catlynn and bella after we got back u siad do u want me and christie to bring u home and i said no so then i said i love u and u said love u to dolly boy so the next morning i went to apple wood farms with my dad,kristin and zayda and my mom called my dad and told him u died my dad dint tell me right then because he didnt want to ruin my day at the farm so we got back at my grandma cindy's house and ill never forget when he sat me dow and told me u died. well i miss u and love u alot. cody.


At 9:30 at night on a Friday me and you would always go out to eat at Eatin Park, I miss those times. We would sit down, talk, order, and then I would go up to the salad bar and get  big plateful of food and then I would come back and you would tell me stories of all kinds. I would listen and in between me eating I would say a few words, but then get back to listening, I miss those times so much.



Courtney Lynn
Mommy, The date  is March 5, 2010. I just gave my first lead in Alcohoics Anonymous. Cara was there with her new boyfriend. I spoke in front of 105 people. At the end people stood up and remarked on how I did. The most common theme was how people agreed that I was going to help so many women, save lies, and change peoples. They also continued to say how proud my mother would be of me and mommy I know you are. i love you and I know that you see me. Your always with me and everything I do for myself and these kids I also do for you, Sharon Lynn, my best girl! I love you Mommy, goodnight.

Gramma, the last memory i have of you is you sitting on my couch and me telling you how happy I was that you were getting better and then you said you were, too. Then, you walked into my kitchen got some pop and it was midnight and I told you I had to go to bed and I told you I love you and you said I love you too. The next morning I woke up and saw you leaning on my nightstand it didn't occur to me to wake you up and tell you goodbye I love you because I didn't want to bother you I should've but its bad enough you were next to me when you died but I'm glad you were. Gramma be with us a lot of us are going through a tough time right now........ we need you to help us. I would do anything to see you again. Well thats enough I cannot say anymore for i can't breathe out of my nose from crying while writing this. Goodnight I love you with my life. 


The memory I have is the last night you were here. It was late at my house and we were going to bed, you were in the bathroom and I was on  my bed with Brady, feeding him. You walked to my door and you asked if i needed anything. I said to shut my light off, and you said somethung funny and we laughed. The last thing you said to me was " Goodnight, I love you", and I said goodnight I love you too. I never thought that would be the last thing I would say to you , or ever see you again. I can't beleive it has been almost a year since you left us. I know you would not have left if you did not think we could handle the loss of you. I just wish you never left , but I know you are in a better place , in no pain or confusion, and I know you are with us. I love you and miss you more than words can say. Love you oldest daughter , Christie Lynn

Sis-I saw Daddy smile for the first time the other day since you've been gone.Mummie and Daddy have been so sad since you left us all. They always worried about you everyday.They know that you are in a better place and without pain but it still is hard knowing that they'll never see you again.I never knew how hard it would be to lose someone you love.Just know I'll be there for them and take care of them as you would do. I know you'll be on my shoulder to help me.We miss you so much. We love you.
Courtney Lynn
Mommy, I can't sleep, my mind is in overdrive with thoughts of you. I know that you are in a better place, I know that you were never going to get better here, but we still need you so much. Im selfish, I admit it. I dont care how old we are, how many kids we each have, WE STILL NEED YOU MOMMY. We carry on with our game faces for the rest of the world but I know how much we are hurting inside without you. I look to Christie and Cara for strength and I think that we are getting closer to each other with each passing day. We all know how much you hated when we fought. You can rest assure that we will always do whatever it takes to care for your grandbabies...and Daddy.  My heart truly breaks for him. I hope you realize that I HAD TO STEP BACK a little bit. I cant see him hurting like that constantly, you know that it will consume me. Ive always wanted to make him happy and in this situation I know its impossible. Me and Daddy are getting along better now than we have in years, I feel that I can be myself more and I dont have to second guess myself anymore. I promise you that this family will grow stronger and closer everyday. As for Bella & Jake, its hard not hearing them say "Grandma" everyday like they used to. Bella was sick 2 weeks ago and she woke up crying and screaming for you, I just remebered everything that you would do and we got through it. Jake is sick since last night, Bella and I have been taking care of him the same way that "Gramma" would've. Im so glad that she remembers so much where your concerned. I guess I should try and get some sleep. Please watch over all of us, dont forget to give the kids their KISSES ~~NOSES~~BUTTERFLIES!! Tuck everyone else in too. Goodnight Mommy, I LOVE YOU THE BEST IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.
Christie Lynn
Well Mom, I am just remembering having the babies. You were there for each of them . The whole time telling the doctor what to do.It has been 2  years for Chase, and he is ornery as ever. Brady is 4 months old and that means you have been away from us almost 4 months. I'll never forget you being there with me in labor, the first time we seen Caitlynn come out, you turned at looked at me and said she's here. When Chase came , you said that this is the one we thought would never come. And for Brady  you said it looks like we have a "Clementi" this time, because of his dark hair. I'll never  forget those 3 specific times because you were there and guided me thru it. Nobody knows how much I miss you. I put on a strong front at work and in front of people, but I am only human and I wish I had you back. What can  say I am selfish. I want me and my sisters to have our mom back, I want my dad to have his wife , I want my grandparents to have their daughter back. I want Caitlynn to have her"best friend" back, and i want my boys to know their grandmother. Your sisters and brother miss you so much too. I just miss calling you every morning. I am sorry for not going to the cemetary, but I can't bring myself to go. I'll go when I am ready I guess. well no need to ramble on, I guess I am just missing you a little more than usual. I love you and miss you with all my heart.
Courtney Lynn
Mommy, my 30th birthday is tomorrow and not having you here is undescribable. I'll miss the cards and birthday ribbons that you would get for me. I know that you want me to be happy but spending my birthday alone is heartwrenching. No one makes your birthday better than your mother, at least my mom made it the best for me. Im going to get my life going into a new diection, maybe a job, maybe go back to school, the possibilities are endless. Ill make you proud of me, I can't wait to show you what Im capable of. I love you so much. Love, Dollygirl
Sis, As the days keep passing I still find it hard to believe you are not with us, Who would of thought it would have happened so quickly. Well Rich is going to Vegas with Greg . It won't be the same to Greg as if you and him were going together.  You were always there for us when we needed you. Remember when we went to Vegas years ago with Mom and Dad. Remember Dad getting up at 5am to talk to the birds. We had a good time. You were the smartest nurse I know even though I did not understand what you were saying with all that medical nowledge. You sounded just like a doctor. I will never forget the days you spent when I had Lori and when my grandchildren started coming. One by one, you would punch out and stay until the babies were born. I will always tell your grandchildren what a wonderful nurse and frandmother you were. I will always try to be there for the girls, Greg and the grandchildren. I miss you and will never forget the lives you helped bring into my family.  I love you.

Well Mom, just a few days til my 38th birthday, and I know you will be with me. I remember all my other birthdays you always made sure I had a card with money. We always celebrated Christmas, your birthday, new years, my birthday and then Courtney's birthday. I love you and I miss you so much it hurts, but I know you are with me. I think of you everyday, and I will be thiking of you on Thursday , January 8 at 7pm. Love you !:)


Aunt Sis,

I've been thinking about you alot lately......I  still cannot believe you are gone.  Do you remember how every Christmas, you would say loudly and proudly that you got me the best gift cuz I was the best goddaughter ever?  YOU were the best godmother ever! I'm so glad you were here for my wedding.....and to help  me deal with everything!

 Ahhhh!  My dancing ballerina barbie dressed in purple that courtney couldnt play with because she was sprewing black olives everywhere and me and the kids locked her out of the room!  The trigold ring....

To many to list....

Thank you for always being there for me.  For thebest ever pork chops, scallop potatoes and cinnimon cake dinner when I was having a breakdown....For the gel pens to color the velvet posters when I was at my lowest...

For covering all my mistakes....and for being there for me NO MATTER WHAT!!!    The stitches in the face, admitting me to the hospital, for delivering my daughter and for being my friend....


I love you soooooo much!



Your favorite neice


Happy Birthday Sis!! Its not a happy one for us but I know that you are free of pain and walking with no problems and enjoying yourself every minute you are there in heaven.I remember calling you over the years to wish you a happy birthday or you calling Ken first to wish him a happy birthday.It made it special because I married a man born on the same day as my big sister.Sis-we will never forget your birthday no matter how many years pass and someday we'll all be together again to celebrate.Until then please protect us from above.

Well, it is your birthday, and New Years is tommorrow. Your 60th would have been a big year for you. The memories of your birthdays in the past were just simple, you always just wanted us to be there, and now we wish you were here. Your birthdays always have memories of News Years eve down grandma and grandpa's. Eating spareribs, watching the ball drop, and hearing gun shots. Now I'll never see you to say Happy Birthday or Happy New Years, and it hurts beyond beleif. It hurts that you will never be here to see my children grow up, it hurts that  I can't call  you to just see what you are doing, it hurts that I don't have you anymore. I know I have to go on , but my heart will never be complete now that you are gone forever.I'm trying to take care of Dad , Courtney , and Cara , but it is hard without you here. I just wish you never left, I keep wanting to wake up from this bad dream, and you never left, I'm selfish, I want my Mom back. But  I know God wanted to up there with Him, and I can't blame him, you were a wonderful mother, teacher, friend , just a wonderful person ! You taught me a lot, I miss my Mom. You were the best. Watch over us, I love you. Happy Birthday!
Christie Lynn
Well Mom, Xmas is here and I did not think I could do it without you. You always worried that the kids did not have enough gifts , but don't worry , we did you proud. The memories of Xmas will always be the best, from the time when I was little, to a teenager, to a young woman, and now to a mother.You always made Xmas special . I remember you wrapping gifts on Xmas Eve because you spent everyday buying more gifts, or the time Santa brought "Teddy Ruxpin" for Courtney and Cara, and you hid it and the thing would not shut up when you went bed. The cookies you bought and we were eating cookies well into January, because you were afraid that we did not have enough. Or as of the past few years, walking in your living room, well trying to walk because we had so much it looked like Xmas threw up all over. This year is sad , and the future will never be the same. I know you are with all of us and somehow gives me peace , but I am selfish and I want my Mom here. I know you will be waiting for me when it is time for me to go, but until then , I will cherish every memory I have . I love you, and miss you foever.
Sis--we almost lost Daddy Thursday night. He left us for awhle but the you and the Lord gave him back to us.We aren't ready to let him come to you.I know you will take care of him when he gets there but please watch over him from above.Mummie,Bill,Peggy and Me were with him in his hospital room and you weren't there with us-but I think maybe you were there and you helped him start breathing again.Its going to be a very sad Christmas without you this year but Thanks to you and Jesus-Daddy will be with us.WE LOVE YOU and think about you everyday.
Sandy West
Sis,  You were always there for me and my kids when we needed you.  I am here for your kids if they need me.  I am trying to help them out whenever I can.  I appreciated all that you did for my family and I will never forget it.  so if the kids need me, I hope that they know that they can count on Dub and me to be here for them.  I want to help them and my brother.  I know the pain that they are feeling.  Your grandchildren are beautiful and you can be very proud of all of them.  I know that they all love and miss you.  You were the best grandma there ever was.  I love you and miss you.
Courtney Lynn


 Do you remember the Christmas before Bella was born. We were living on Hollywood, Me and Jillian wanted to make sure you had a tree so we put up that sad tree from the basement. It wouldnt stand up on its own because the tree stand was broken so we managed a way to get it to stand and we  took silver electrical tape (silver because it was festive) wrapped it around the center pole a hundred times and then stretched out the tape and stuck it to the walls. It was the saddest tree ever and we had to constantly go stick the tape to the wall~~ BUT~~ we werent going to let Christmas time go on without a tree. We knew how you loved your Christmas trees!! Give her a kiss for me. Christmas will never, ever be the same without you, but we'll get through it together as a family. Daddy, Christie, Me, Cara, and all the kids, I know you'll be there. I LOVE YOU MOMMY...BEST IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Love, Dollygirl


Sis-its Christmas time --you always loved Christmas .You always made sure that the kids had a great gifts under the tree. This year we would give back all the gifts we ever received just to see you again.We all take so much for granted!!You're gift to me this year is with your death you taught me to really appreciate every minute I have left on this earth.You made me really realize that at any moment  it can all be over. Its too bad that it took your death to get this family to be close again.But we are all together -taking care of Mommy and Daddy --and watching over Greg too.You will still be here in our hearts -this Christmas and everyday!! I Love You.

Courtney Lynn
Sadly to say, one of the things that I'll remember is the way that everyone acted towards each other after your death. Including myself. The one thing that is different with me is that anything that I am doing is being seen by you and I know that you UNDERSTAND me. You were and remain my best friend, always defended me, never judged me. Im doing everything that I can to figure out my life without you, but, I am staying TRUE TO MYSELF. Like you always said about SOME in this family, YOU were different just as I am different and they will treat you DIFFERENTLY. Im not trying to impress anyone, YOU would never approve of that. I love you Mommy, now and forever. Love, Dollygirl
Courtney Lynn

Memories, memories, let's see... the first one off the top of my head. Early February of 2002. I had just found out that I was pregnant with Bella a month earlier and I was terrified. I was unsure of myself on becoming a mother. I was so depressed. You knew that I wanted to be happy about the baby but I was just terrified. You put me in the purple buick skylark, told me to keep my mouth shut and we headed up to Northside Labor and Delivery. Now, you hadn't worked there in awhile but you didnt care. You stopped at the nurses station, spoke few words, the next thing that I knew I was laying on a hospital bed and you and another nurse were slapping some cold jelly on my belly. It was my first of many sonograms. After about 30 seconds you told me to look at the screen and there she was, Tinkerbella~~~ She looked like a shrimp bouncing around that screen. I remember a tear coming down my cheek and the feeling that everything would be OK and it was. All because my Mommy said so. Mommy, please let me know again now that everything will be OK. I Love you mommy. Love Dolly Girl

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